Race for Virginia governor remains tight

Democrat Ralph Northam has an upper-hand in the race to become the next Virginia Governor over the Republican Ed Gillespie in the election. The winner of the election would be succeeding the current Governor of Virginia, Democratic Terry McAuliffe. Democrat Ralph Northam has a total of a five-point advantage over the Ed Gillespie as per the polls conducted by Fox News from Thursday through Sunday. However, the twist in the story is the fact that none of the candidates has received the majority as per the polls with Northam getting 48 percent support to Gillespie getting 43 percent. It has made it difficult to predict the apparent outcome of the election and has kept people guessing.

Per the polls, around one in 10 voters are undecided about who to vote for or will be supporting Libertarian Cliff Hydra. Northam's primary advantage is that of the poll's around 2.5 percentage point margin kept for sampling error. The lead that Northam had last month was approximately 7 points. Per the survey, the supporters of Northam and Gillespie are sure about who they would be voting for, and their party is also backing them completely. Independent voters are equally divided among the Democratic, Republican, and Libertarian Supporters.

Northam has massive support from the black community with 79 points coming from blacks, 32 points from moderates, graduate degree holding voters by 30 points, and lastly women by 20 points. Even though Northam is an army veteran, Gillespie is chosen by veterans as their pick with a lead of 20 points. Voters are looking at Northam positively and are voting for him by 16 points over the 10 points of Gillespie. Even McAuliffe is favorably viewed by the voters in comparison to the poll results that show President Trump in a negative.

The 88 percent of voters who are supporting President Trump are the ones that are backing Gillespie, while the 81 percent of those who are against Trump are the ones supporting Northam. As per the poll results, it has also become clear that the Democrats are more interested in the election than the Republicans. Even though taking down of Confederate Monuments is not a decisive factor in the upcoming election for the Virginia Governor, it is worthy to note that Northam supports taking down of these monuments while Gillespie and a majority of his supporters believe it should remain in place.

January 16, 2022 - 03:46
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