Republican Senate candidate Moore hit by sexual misconduct allegations

A Republican nominee for the US Senate in Alabama, Roy Moore was accused by a woman of initiating a sexual encounter with her at the time when she was only fourteen years old and Roy was 32. This was reported by the Washington Post on Thursday which prompted top Republicans to say that Roy should step aside if the allegations against Roy are proven to be true. Roy Moore who is presently 70 years old and a former chief judge completely denied all the allegations against him.

He also mentioned that these allegations are a desperate political attack and are completely false. The White House press secretary stated on Friday that the president of the United States Donald Trump would surely want Roy Moore to step aside if the allegations brought against him were found to be true. Sanders also mentioned that like most Americans, the US president believes that not a mere allegation can be allowed and in this case, it is many, many years ago which destroyed a person's life. She also mentioned that the president also believes that if these allegations are found to be true Moore will be doing the right thing by stepping aside, as Donald Trump is in Vietnam on his 12- day tour of Asia.

Later in the day, Moore wrote in a series of tweets as a reply to the allegations that are brought against him. Moore said that this was done to silence him and shut up the Christian conservatives. He also added that he will never give up and fight. Mitch McConnell who is the Senate Republican leader and working with a slim 52-48 majority called on Roy Moore to drop out of this race if these allegations brought about by the women are found to be true.

A number of other Republicans including Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, and Utah Senator Mike Lee, all of whom endorsed Moore, were of the same viewpoint. At least two of the Republican senators, John Thune of South Dakota and John McCain of Arizona stated that Moore should step aside immediately, with McCain referring to the accusations as deeply disturbing and disqualifying. The woman who accused Moore, Leigh Coffman, presently 53, told the Post that she met Moore at a courthouse in the year 1979 when Moore offered to keep her company on a bench outside of a hearing room while her mother was inside for the proceedings of child custody.

January 16, 2022 - 18:05
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