Republicans Careen toward Immigration Showdown

House Republicans are very near the edge of a very embarrassing shutdown over immigration which House speaker Paul Ryan and his leadership team have been trying their best to avoid. GOP centrists gave the immigration political groups a choice of allowing a vote on a bill which includes a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers or else they will be teaming up with the Democrats for forcing votes on bipartisan immigration legislation that they do not like at all. This happened when the lawmakers left Washington for the Memorial Day break in late May. But most of the members of House Freedom Caucus are rejecting the offer. A number of them stated that they see no reason for relenting with the issue of citizenship. They refer to the offer as a special pathway and would only betray their beliefs and a vote on a bill which has actually no chance of becoming law.

Jim Jordan who is the founder of the Freedom Caucus mentioned that the negotiations are still going on with the moderates and GOP leaders but he said that he does not believe that the people of the United States elected the Republicans for the creation of any kind of special pathway for citizenship for the DACA individuals. He added that they are trying to work around that but that is a matter of real concern. It is all set to be a very chaotic month of June for Paul Ryan because of the stalemate between the two wings of the conference.

The leadership was hoping to stop the moderates from gathering the 218 signatures for a so - called discharge petition which was essential to trigger the immigration vote on the House floor. But Democrats are assured of joining hands with several dozens of centrist Republicans for the purpose of passing a bill that codifies the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program which was a program during the time when Barack Obama was the president of the United States. The bill would tighten border security in a modest manner and it includes virtually no new limitations on immigration and therefore the passage of the bill would be nothing but a humiliating defeat for Congress that is controlled by the GOP. But at this point the efforts of a whole week; for the purpose of striking a compromise for the avoidance for a vote has fallen short.

January 16, 2022 - 03:32
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