Robert Mueller May Indict Paul Manafort Again

From the time it had started, there were two very special things about the investigation of Counsel Robert Mueller were absolutely clear. The first is the biggest concern of the White House was that Robert Mueller would be following the money. The second is that Robert Mueller is following the money. Now, a total of seven months has passed since Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein directed Bob Mueller to take over the counterintelligence probe of the Federal Bureau of Investigation into the possible links between the Kremlin and the people who are associated with the Trump campaign.

The lawyers for Donald Trump have said it is quite a long time back that they expected this particular probe to stay focused and end as early as possible. Instead of that Mueller had brought together a team of prosecutors who were experts in carrying out financial investigations and crimes that are non-violent and obtained guilty pleas for the crimes that were not at all committed during the time of the year of election. Most importantly, he has sent a warning to the White House which was very thinly covered and that the finances of no one are off limits. It also said that if the year 2017 had the inner circle of the President sweating, the year 2018 could feel like a sauna.

No one should be feeling more heat than Paul Manafort. In the legal circles for Washington, there is great expectation that Mueller will file superseding accusations of Manafort and Rick Gates who is his erstwhile business partner and at the same time an alleged partner in the crime as well. Both Gates and Manafort said that they are not guilty at all when Mueller's team filed their charges on the 30th of October in 2017. The legal experts are of the viewpoint that there might be more similar charges that are yet to come.

Jonathan Turley who is a professor at the law school of George Washington University stated that he expects a superseding charge to come down and that too is within a very short period of time. He also added that there was a lot in the narrative of the charges that referred to the crimes that were not even charged. The prosecutors will very often issue a superseding charge as the grand jury continues to do its work. Moreover, there is also a very tactical reason behind this, that the superseding charges have a tendency to grind the defendants a bit more with the passage of time.

January 16, 2022 - 03:10
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