Saudi Prince Who’s Throwing Caution to the Winds

The 32 - year old crown prince of Saudi Arabia has established himself as the most powerful figure in the whole of the Arab world who is just rushing into confrontations on all sides. It is quite obvious that the backing came from his father. The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the arrest of 11 princes in his royal family and about 200 members of the Saudi business elite and has started to take power from the conservative clerics of the kingdom. He has blockaded the neighboring country Qatar, accused Iran of acts of war and encouraged the resignation of the prime minister of Lebanon.

In an addition to that, in Yemen, his armed forces are fighting an Iranian-aligned faction in an intractable war that has resulted in the creation of a humanitarian crisis. The crown prince has moved so quickly that officials in America and others are in great worry that he is destabilizing the region with the signs of a potential blowback growing with a rapid pace. Investors are extremely nervous about his plans and therefore are moving money out of the kingdom. Prince Mohammed has sought to counter the capital flight by squeezing the detainees and others for surrendering their assets. He has presented the arrests as a campaign against corruption but his targets call it a shakedown. He has turned to a former Egyptian security chief, who has been pilloried at home for brutality and graft, for advice.

The supporters of Prince Mohammed say that he is simply taking the drastic measures that are needed to turn around the economy of the nation which is graft - ridden and dependent on oil while pushing back against Iranian aggression. But all of the analysts around the region are debating on the fact whether the headlong rush might be driven more by a strong motive to consolidate power before a possible royal succession, desperation for cash for the funding of his plans or simply unchecked ambition to put his stamp on the broader Middle East. Despite the enthusiasm of US President Donald Trump for the prince, some in the State Department, the Pentagon and intelligence agencies say they fear that his impulsiveness could both set back his own goals and result in the destabilization of the region. Philip Gordon who is the White House Middle East coordinator under President Barack Obama said that he has decided not to do anything cautiously.

January 16, 2022 - 18:21
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