Senate leaders see two-year budget deal within their grasp

On Tuesday, some top Senate leaders agreed to the finalization of the long-term budget deal for a term of two years which will actually also be including a defense spending boost that US president Donald Trump has demanded for some time to rise the number of domestic programs conducted by the Democrats. On the other hand, as negotiations continued for the long term–deal, the House passed a short-term measure in the meantime which would be funding the government past midnight whose deadline is set for Thursday mainly for the avoidance of a second partial shutdown of the government within a time period of less than one month. The House bill that was finally passed 245 to 182 would be funding most of the agencies until the 23rd of March 2018 but is actually a nonstarter in the Senate because of the opposition from the side of the Democrats.

At this point of time, some top Senate leaders of both parties stated in an interview with reporters held earlier in the day that a breakthrough was actually at hand on a budget deal of a longer term. The issue of spending has been the most disputed one for Congress which is being controlled by the Republicans for a number of months now. As a result of this, lawmakers are forced to rely on a number of short-term patches. Mitch McConnell who is the Senate Majority Leader stated that they are on the way of getting an agreement and that it could be very soon.

In spite of the optimism, nothing was actually finalized about the agreement with only less than three days remaining for Thursday which is set as the deadline. Moreover, the leaders of Congress were also sounding an upbeat note. Donald Trump was increasing the tensions by openly considering a shutdown if the Democrats do not agree on his policies regarding immigration. The president of the United States Donald Trump mentioned at an event at the White House which was focused on crime threats which were posed by some of the immigrants that he would love to see a shutdown again if this particular decision regarding undocumented immigrants is not taken care of. He added that if the government needs to be shut down because the Democrats do not want safety, then let it be shut down.

January 16, 2022 - 03:17
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