Shutdown Continues

A huge number of federal workers are uncertain about their jobs and their checks after the Senate leaders of the United States failed to come to an agreement for the ending of a government shutdown before the beginning of the next work week that is Monday. On Friday at midnight, the funding for federal agencies ran out which was actually not renewed among the situations of the dispute between the Democrats and the President of the United States Donald Trump over immigration. The Senate finally scheduled a vote on stopgap for the spending measure on Monday noon and this was decided late of Sunday which made sure that the federal government would remain closed in the morning. This left all the workers very uncertain about their jobs and they were not sure about the duration for which this shutdown will last.

Jessica Klement who is the vice president of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association that represents a total of more than about 20,000 workers stated that this particular situation is extremely stressful. She also mentioned that the essential employees must report to work without knowing their next payment date, non-essential employees will be forced to stay home without pay and without knowing if any kind of back pay will be provided to them or not. At this point of time, the Smithsonian Museum clearly announced on its website that its research centers, District of Columbia museums and the National Zoo would remain open on Monday by using funds that are still existing but their status beyond then was not certain.

The Office of Professional Management of the United States advised that all federal employees might refer to their home agency for adequate guidance on reporting for duty. During the shutdowns, employees of the government who are non-essential are granted a leave of absence or placed on temporary unpaid leave. Employees who are deemed essential which includes those dealing with public safety and national security would have to keep working. The last shutdown that took place in October in the year 2013 lasted for more than about two weeks and during that time more than about 800,000 federal employees were granted leave of absence. This time there is actually no official tally or record of how many workers would be off duty.

January 16, 2022 - 17:20
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