South Korea Planning to Strengthen Their Arms

On Tuesday, South Korea said that a contract with the United States to eliminate a weight limit on its various warheads would prove to be of great help in an effective response to the threats of North Korea's missile and nuclear threat. This happened after North Korea successfully carried out its sixth nuclear test two days before which was its largest ever nuclear test. Officials of South Korea strongly believe that a number of similar tests are possible to be conducted by North Korea in spite of the international outrage after the nuclear test was conducted on Sunday.

A newspaper mentioned that an unidentified source revealed that it has been observed that North Korea is moving a rocket towards its western coast which appears to be an intercontinental ballistic missile. According to the newspaper, the rocket had started to move on Monday and the specialty about the rocket is that it was spotted to be moving only during the night to avoid being under surveillance.

The defense ministry of South Korea had already warned, on Monday that North Korea is absolutely ready with the intercontinental ballistic missile and can launch it at any point of time but at the same time the ministry also mentioned that the report was not a hundred percent confirmed. The analyst and the policy makers of South Korea strongly believe that North Korea may conduct another test of nuclear weapons on or around the 9th of September because it celebrates founding day on the 9th of September. They believe this because the fifth nuclear test that was conducted by North Korea was on the same day last year and hence there is a high chance that North Korea will conduct another nuclear test on that particular day.

North Korea has stated that these nuclear tests are being conducted to develop its weapons for defending itself from the aggression of the United States. After some weeks of high tension in South Korea, the country is finally talking with the United States about the deployment of aircraft carriers and strategic bombers to the peninsula of Korea for the enhancement of its own defense. The president of United States and the president of South Korea had agreed on Monday to eliminate a limit of weight of warheads on the missiles of South Korea. The reason behind this is to enable South Korea to efficiently and effectively strike North Korea with a much greater force in case a war breaks out.

January 16, 2022 - 17:30
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