South Korean president credits Trump with bringing North Korea to the table

The President of South Korea, Moon Jae-In should definitely keep up the task of a delicate balancing act between the two most unpredictable leaders. The first one with nukes in the nation of North Korea and the second one in Washington who leads his countries closest amalgamate. But Moon who is new in office as compared to the US President Donald Trump appears to be very well in managing that feat. This week he was escorted in the first positive news in relation to North Korea in years, which is in response to an overture from the leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un and on Wednesday Moon in an extremely diplomatic manner gave a lot of credit to US president Donald Trump.

Moon stated at a press conference held in the South Korean capital Seoul that he gives the US president a huge amount of credit in bringing about the talks between the two Korean nations and he also said that he is very thankful to Trump for this purpose. This particular remark from Moon actually came in as a response to a question regarding the question on Twitter by Donald Trump on Saturday that the talks were taking place because he was very strong, firm and willing to commit total force against the nation of North Korea. Donald Trump has been calling for maximum possible pressure on North Korea and has also sometimes suggested that the requirement of military action might even arise. Moon stated that the fact that North Korea has returned for the participation in the talks regarding the Winter Olympics to be held in South Korea and not about its nuclear program which could be the outcome of sanctions and pressure led by America.

In addition to this, Moon also provided the assurance to the United States that South Korea would not be acting out of step with the international community when it came to any kind of sanctions relief which might be needed for the facilitation of attendance of North Korea at the Winter Olympics which is scheduled to be held next month in South Korea. Though with the agreement, which was extremely modest Moon has managed to change the narrative that North Korea cannot be reasoned with. Moon has actually dubbed the games as the 'Peace Olympics' and he wants North Korea to attend at any cost.

January 16, 2022 - 19:10
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