Steve Wozniak left Facebook over data collection

Steve Wozniak who is the co-founder of the mobile manufacturing giant Apple told USA Today that he has decide to leave Facebook because of the growing concern for the carelessness with which Facebook and some other internet companies are treating the confidential and private information of the users. Wozniak sent an email to USA Today where he mentioned that each user provides every detail of their life on Facebook and in turn Facebook makes a lot of money by advertising this. These profits all based on the information of the users but in return none of the users get anything. Wozniak stated that he would rather pay Facebook than having all of his personal information exploited for the purpose of advertising. On the other hand, he gave a lot of praise to Apple for not sharing any private information of the users and respecting the privacy of the users at any cost.

Steve Wozniak also stated that Apple makes money from all the products that it manufactures and nothing from the users but Facebook makes use of the users as products. This surprise announcement from Wozniak marks the latest development in the back and forth corporate verbal attack by the tech leaders as Facebook is coping with a scandal over the potential misuse of personal data of their users by politically targeting the firm Cambridge Analytica. According to an update in the previous week, Facebook estimated about 87 million people of which most belong to the United States might have their personal data being shared improperly or misused.

Tim Cook who is the CEO of Apple started the unusual public criticism in the month of March. At the time of a joint interview with Recode and MSNBC, he was asked about what he would be doing in this particular crisis if he were in the position of CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. Cook clearly replied that he would not be in this type of situation. He also added that Apple reviews its applications for confirming that each one of them follows the privacy policy of the company which is required for users. Cook said that they would not be subscribing to the view that you have to let anybody in who wants to or if you do not, then you do not believe in the free speech.

January 16, 2022 - 17:32
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