Tech Firms Seek Top-Secret Clearances

Under siege for letting their platforms be co - opted by hackers from Russia during the election year 2016. Companies of Silicon Valley are now learning what many businesses with interest in Washington have known long ago. This is paying for the staff with government security clearances. Some of the major players in the field of technology are strengthening their workforces with former employees of the government holding top secret and higher clearances that are needed to share classified information as congressional probes and a federal investigation supervised by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller continue to bring information to the surface about Russia's meddling during the election of the previous year.

The chief technology strategist for the public sector for Intel Corp.'s McAfee, Ned Miller stated in an interview that they are starting to see platforms in the social media arena that are being used by the bad actors in ways for which they were never intended to used. He also added that the folks that build those newer platforms are now explaining their interest in acquiring fresh talents who have a lot more resources for cyber security and background. In doing so, some of the companies like Facebook are competing with defense contractors, financial firms and the government of the United States itself. The security clearances are rare and are a extremely valued commodity whether at a bank which is trying to prevent hacking of credit card data and emptying accounts or at a manufacturing company which is building parts for a stealth fighter or missile defense radar system.

Bringing the previous cyber warriors of the government on board at the companies can help in the facilitation of the interactions with US agencies like the CIA or NSA as well as helping these firms with the proper understanding about building a stronger system on their own for enhanced security. Ronald Sanders who was the former associate director of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the current director of the school of public affairs at the University of South Florida mentioned that they have the tradecraft which is one of the best in the whole world. One of the events of the attack from the election of the previous year and some of the high-profile breaches at companies like Sony, Equifax, etc. have made analysts say that these companies need to be very proactive in enhancing their security for the prevention of attacks.

January 16, 2022 - 19:15
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