Terror Attacks in London

A terror attack took place in London on a packed subway train during the Friday morning rush where about 22 people were injured. The explosion took place due to a bucket bomb that was detonated on the packed train. As per the reports, London police have identified a suspect linked with the terror attack. According to Sky News the police have identified the suspect with the help of surveillance camera footage. The police quickly called the incident that took place on the District Line train at the Parsons Green station, a terrorist incident.

The incident that took place on Friday morning was the fifth terror attack in Britain in this year. The police have mentioned that they have not arrested anyone yet in connection with this bombing incident but a huge number of detectives are already deployed for hunting down the main culprits of the case which includes the perpetrator or perpetrators. The Metropolitan Police force said that they are actively trying to the best of their abilities to find who all was responsible for the event and at the same time they are working very closely with the security services as well. Mark Rowley, the chief of counter terrorism policing said that several hundreds of detectives are very closely scanning the footage of the surveillance camera and are also carrying out the forensic work along with speaking with all the witnesses who are available.

Scotland Yard has stated that an improvised explosive device was used in Friday's terror attack and the counter terrorism unit of London's Metropolitan police is also investigating the matter. However, Scotland Yard added that the police did not immediately provide any details on any of the suspects. Ambulance services have made it clear that at least one of the injuries from the explosion was thought to be very serious or life threatening. Most of the other injuries were just flash burns. Other passengers of the same train where the explosion took place have reported about seeing people with burns on their bodies and their faces due to the massive flash of flames as a result of the explosion in the tube station. Some of the passengers who viewed the blast closely stated that the incident was quite scary and everybody just started running after hearing the loud noise of the blast along with the flames.

January 16, 2022 - 17:18
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