The Catalan Leaders Ask for Meditation with the Spanish Capital

The leader of Catalonia had called for International meditation on Monday to resolve the standoff in the Spanish capital, Madrid. This meditation was called on the day after several were injured as police forcibly tried to disrupt a referendum on independence which has been ruled as illegal. Carles Puigdemont had said at a news conference on Monday that the matter is not a domestic one and this is the reason that a meditation is definitely needed.

The events that took place on Monday in the autonomous region, which had dramatically raised the heat in the developing split between Madrid and Barcelona which made it much more difficult for the two sides to find a way out for a political compromise. The police were forced to use rubber bullets and batons in order to forcibly stop the vote that shocked Spain and at the same time drew international blame. The Authorities have stated that almost 900 people have been injured in this incident.

The European Union has urged Spain to talk to the Catalans. Puigdemont had moved forward with the referendum in defiance of a court order. He said on Monday that the vote was valid and binding which had to be applied. He even urged the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to confirm whether he was in favor of mediation talks that is going on in terms of the future if the region, which he said should be overseen by the European Union. People shout as the Catalan separatist flags which are known as the Esteladas flutter during a protest that occurred after the day the independence referendum was banned in Barcelona, Spain. He also added that he had received no indication that the European Union could sponsor this meditation role and at the same time mentioned that Brussels had been very timid and lacked courage on this particular matter.

The European Commission had issued a statement just shortly before Puigdemont had put forward the proposal which said that the call on all the relevant players to now move very rapidly from confrontation to dialogue. It also mentioned that violence can never be used as an instrument in politics. The ballot which asked the voters if they want an independent republic actually had no legal status because it was banned by the Constitutional Court of Spain for being at odds with the constitution of 1978 which clearly stated that Spain cannot be broken up.

January 16, 2022 - 03:05
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