The Oil Supplies to North Korea is Threatened

As per the commander of the United States Navy's Pacific Fleet, the international and sanctions focused approach to dealing with North Korea has been a success because it broke off a war in Asia. After three days of detonating a huge nuclear device which was extremely close to being a hydrogen bomb, Adm. Scott Swift stated that military action was the one and only alternative to this type of diplomacy. In an interview in Tokyo on Wednesday, Scott Swift mentioned that the particular strategy worked where he also described the use of sanctions for trying to stop North Korea from continuing with the nuclear weapons.

Swift kept on repeating his recent declaration from the secretaries of defense and mentioned that all the options are available. He said that pressure and diplomacy were much more preferred to military action being taken against North Korea. Swift said that the international community was in a much better position to effectively deal with Pyongyang than us if we had foreclosed on the diplomatic options that were available. The countries, South Korea, Japan, China, Russia and the United States with direct equities have been working hard on this after the two days of the meeting that was conducted in Tokyo and Seoul with all the military & political leaders.

North Korea has first conducted its nuclear test in the year 2006 and since that time it has been subjected to increasingly harsh unilateral and multilateral authorizations which was designed to cut off its ability to get both the parts and the money that is required to run the nuclear program. At the same time, it was also done to inflict so much economic pain which Kim Jong Un decides that it is not worth it. But some of the analysts are of the viewpoint that these sanctions have not effectively worked which is why either a change in the thinking of Kim Jong Un needs to be altered or the other option is to isolate the regime.

The nuclear test that was conducted on Sunday by North Korea had an explosive yield of about 160 kilotons as declared by the government of Japan on Wednesday which is more than ten times what the size of the nuclear bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. After Sunday's test, the United States has been pushing the United Nations for the strongest possible sanctions against North Korea by bringing forward the prospect of an official ban on oil to the country.

January 16, 2022 - 19:13
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