The President to Change Health Care Rules

Congress is currently tussling over Obamacare while the administration of the current president of the United States, Donald Trump is moving ahead with plans of changing major rules that existed during the times of the previous US president Barack Obama and relax the federal oversight of swaths of the overall industry of health care. The top most health officials have already put forward their intention to end the mandatory programs which will make hospitals more accountable for the health of their patients. This will also slow down the transition to a system that will pay doctors on quality rather than on quantity. The health officials also indicated that they will be reversing a high profile rule for the blocking of nursing homes from forcing residents to sign away their right to sue.

Once that was visualized as a companion to the GOP's which are now in the stalled effort to repeal Obamacare, the regulatory rollback has quickly become the chief weapon of the administration of Donald Trump against the former president US Barack Obama's health care legacy and at the same time has set the stage for an industry friendly remodeling of the overall health care system of the United States. The total amount of effort has surprised and thrilled health care lobbyists. Some of the lobbyists even described the feeling of being overwhelmed by the appeal made by the leadership of Health and Human Services for the recommendations on any of the federal rules that they would like to see altered or trimmed.

Vinita Ollapally, the manager of the regulatory affairs for the American College of surgeons was happy that all the issues are being brought forward so that they can be effectively changed for the betterment. She also mentioned that this is the first time that any administration has shown its focus on regulatory relief. In the meantime, the efforts have raised alarms among the advocates of the patients and the policy experts who fear that it could eliminate several years of gain which was aimed at modernizing the health care system and balancing its power away from the providers and towards the patients. According to Elliot Fisherman, it is consistent with an orientation that is general in nature to try and look for the accomplishments of the administration of Barack Obama and undo them who had spent nearly four hours at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

January 16, 2022 - 17:15
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