The Reaction of Japan to the Latest North Korean Missile

On Friday, North Korea had test launched yet another ballistic missile over Japan. The officials from South Korea said that this latest provocation in an escalating standoff with the international community over its forbidden nuclear program. According to reports from defense officials of South Korea, the test missile which was an apparent intermediate range missile that was launched on Friday morning near the capital city of North Korea, Pyongyang flew for around 2200 miles before finally landing in the North Pacific Ocean. Military officials of South Korea in a show of defiance immediately replied by sending a missile of their own about 15 miles into the East Sea which is also known as the Sea of Japan almost at the same distance as the base where the missile from North Korea.

Military officials of South Korea said that their military is keeping a close watch on the army of North Korea for further provocations with strengthened monitoring by keeping a close watch on their movements and proving that they are ready to take them on. The President of South Korea Moon Jae In mentioned that the government would hold an emergency meeting in response to the launch of the missile by North Korea. US navy commander Dave Benham stated that the initial assessment indicated that the missile launched by North Korea was an intermediate range ballistic missile. The timing of the launch was at 6:57 am near Sunan in North Korea which lies just north of the capital city of North Korea, Pyongyang. He also mentioned that Sunan is the site of the international airport of Pyongyang.

Dave Benham also mentioned that they are working with their interagency partners for a more detailed assessment on the missile. At the same time, he mentioned that they will be providing the public with an update if required and he made sure that the action of continuous monitoring on North Korea will remain as it is. Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated that the president of the US Donald Trump was given a short description about the whole incident of the launch of the ballistic missile by North Korea by the chief of the White House Staff John F Kelly. Rex Rillion, US Secretary of State has also called on other countries to take fresh measures which will be aimed at further isolating North Korea both economically and diplomatically.

January 16, 2022 - 19:03
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