The Trial of Senator Bob Menendez Starts on Wednesday

The Abscam scandal that took place in the United States 36 years ago, the main accused for the for the first time will be going for a trial. The accused Senator Bob Menendez will be going on trial on Wednesday for bribery in a federal courthouse. He is a democrat from New Jersey who is accused of intervening with federal officials on behalf of a wealthy promoter in return of some costly gifts, luxurious vacations and some vital contributions in terms of politics.

This trial could have a significant impact in Washington D. This is due to the fact that the Republicans maintain a slight edge in the Senate. If Bob Menendez is declared guilty and he either gives his resignation or he is expelled by his colleagues before January, then the governor of New Jersey Chris Christie will name a replacement. Moreover, Chris Christie is an ardent supporter of the president of the United States, Donald Trump and a Republican as well.

This particular case is also a very strong test of the ability of federal prosecutors to go after elected officials who are accused of bribery after the supreme court of the United States narrowed the grounds for these types of charges last year. The opening statements of the case are scheduled for Wednesday in Newark, NJ and the particular trial is expected to go on for a time period of two months.

Bob Menendez who is presently 63 years old has been in the Senate and serving since 2006. He has denied all the charges that are against him and he said that he is not involved in any kind of wrong doing. He is competing for re-election in 2018, in spite of the charges of corruption against him. The case is based on the relationship of Bob Menendez and his co-defendant Salomon Melgen. Salomon Melgen is an ophthalmologist from Florida who gave Bob the private flights, luxurious vacations and several thousand dollars as donations for the funding of all his political campaigns.

The lawyers for Bob Menendez will try to defend him based on the argument that all the gifts and money from Salomon Melgen was nothing but gifts. These gifts were not bribes and they came as a result of a very close friendship between the two. Any action that was taken by Senator Bob Menendez was based on the policy concerns that were legitimate.

January 16, 2022 - 19:01
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