Trump All Set for End Year Priorities

The president of the United States, Donald Trump is setting the stage by kicking all his top priorities to Congress for a number of weeks of messy horse trading that may reach its highest point in a year end standoff to avoid the situation of another shutdown of government. Trump is of the viewpoint that he can create pressure for Congress in a way that he can break the gridlock and squeeze some concessions from the Democrats. But Trump's own flip flops on some of the key issues have left lawmakers unable to trust the leadership of the White House and are absolutely unsure about the ways to resolve the disputes of the thorniest policies. The latest of example of this came on Wednesday when Donald Trump reversed course again with a criticism of a short - term fix to the Affordable Care Act which Trump has himself endorsed a day back. This situation has sent the lawmakers back to the table for negotiation.

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer mentioned that Donald Trump keeps zigzagging which makes it impossible to govern. The chaos could result in a liability for the US president if it creates a distraction to Congress from making progress on its reform to the tax package or undercuts the leverage of the Republicans with the Democrats on the issues of helping the young immigrants known as the Dreamers which in turn will be helping in the stabilization of Obamacare and funding the government.

The lack of a clear strategy has resulted in the complication of the fall agenda for Congress. The Republicans who are in control of the White House and the Senate would rather be keeping their focus, for the time remaining of the year on advancing with the package of cutting taxes, as per Donald Trump which faces its own problems among the disputes within the party. But at this point of time, they are facing a series of deadlines on some of the difficult issues such as health care, immigration, the Nuclear Deal of Iran, etc which have been lingering for years. The outsourcing from Donald Trump might result in pushing the Republicans and the Democrats to come to an agreement by the 8th of December if not earlier when they have to face a series of votes that are a must pass which includes the one to fund the government and extend the debt limit of the nation.

January 16, 2022 - 03:11
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