Trump Establishes his own Foreign Policy

On Friday, the President of the United States, Donald Trump placed himself at the center of an exceptional conclave between both of the nations of Korea where he took credit for a bold and innovative diplomacy which might result in opening up a path to peace at a place where all other leaders failed. Trump mentioned that he is quite certain of doing this for the whole world and definitely beyond the nation of the United States because of the problem for the world and not just America. Thus, bringing this path of peace is something that the US President hopes to do for the whole world.

The sudden change of events on the peninsula of the nation of Korea was the capstone to a week that resulted in the crystallization of the ways the US president established his approach to the foreign policy as the one that rests largely on the pride the he takes in busting old conversations of the diplomatic negotiations and recreating them in his own image. Emmanuel Macron who is the president of France and Angela Merkel who is the Chancellor of Germany made a visit to the White House last week with the hope of convincing the US president to not abandon the nuclear deal with Iran and to back off his protectionist trade policies.

By the time they left the White House, they had almost given up on trying to convince Donald Trump that he was wrong and instead focused on how to work around their differences. Theresa May who is the Prime Minister of England had been keeping the president of the United States at some distance in the recent months and refused to obey the threat of mass protests that happened this week to finally invite him to visit what is often called the closest ally of America. On the other hand, the senate confirmed Mike Pompeo who is a political ally of Donald Trump and the previous tea party congressman to be the secretary of state, giving the US president a team for foreign policy more in line with the international policies that he promoted during the campaign. The foreign policy of Donald Trump carries great risks on the nation of North Korea since the nation has proven to be an unreliable negotiator in the past.

January 16, 2022 - 04:00
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