Trump Gives Warning to North Korea in UN Speech

The president of the United States, Donald Trump told the world leaders in his first addressing speech to the United Nations that they should make sure to confront a handful of rogue regimes singling out North Korea in particular and vowing that if the current dispute over its nuclear program leads to a war, the country would be destroyed. Donald Trump mentioned North Korea as a deprived regime and clearly stated that no nation on earth has any interest in seeing this band of criminals who are arming themselves with missiles and nuclear weapons. Trump also said that if this dispute over its weapons programs gives rise to a war, then we will have no other choice than totally destroy North Korea.

The president of the United States said that the 'Rocket Man' is on a suicide mission both for himself and his country. Trump spoke these words in reference to the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong – Un. The foreign minister of North Korea sat directly in front of the podium, from where Donald Trump delivered his speech. In his speech, Donald Trump stressed on the fact that the threat which is imposed by the weapons program of North Korea and Iran is just too great for any country to remain on the side lines. The president of the United States clearly communicated the depth of his determination to challenge both nations. Trump used his speech as a moment of enormous opportunity to reunite the world to rein in the weapons programs of North Korea and Iran.

This speech at the United Nations was the debut speech for the president of the United States which was his most consequential moment yet on the global diplomatic stage with more at stake as compared to the other two economic summits that he had attended in Europe earlier this year. Donald Trump is now all set to speak in the morning following António Guterres, the UN Secretary General, the General Assembly President Miroslav Lajčák and the President of Brazil, Michel Temer.

North Korea did the test firing of a ballistic missile with the range to reach the territory of the United States of Guam early on Friday, which was the latest in a series of provocations by North Korea. The administration of Donald Trump is seeking to extend and strengthen the Iranian nuclear deal that Obama had previously signed and Trump has repeatedly defamed it.

January 16, 2022 - 17:55
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