Trump Plans for Tax Reform

The president of the United States, Donald Trump has planned a rigorous travel schedule where he will be visiting a total of thirteen states over the time period of the next seven weeks to spread the idea of tax reform, since his administration tries to avoid failure in communication in its attempt to repeal Obamacare. With a number of legislative battles looming on taxes, the White House has planned to clean up the disorganized communication operation that currently exists.

This particular strategy was revealed by the top most advisers to about forty allies during a meeting that was organized last week and was kept a secret. The meeting calls for the president of the country to visit all the states he had won where a Democratic senator is competing for re -election in the next year including the states; Indiana, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Montana and Pennsylvania. This report is as per the three people who had attended the secret meeting. In some of the circumstances, some cabinet members will be additionally deployed behind the President, after his speeches are completed and also in the meetings in Town Halls. The reason for this deployment of the cabinet ministers is for the amplification of the message from the president.

Officials of White House held a private meeting the 8th of September for sharing the details about the political strategies for tax legislation with the allies who can efficiently and effectively deliver the particular message on cable news and also in local media interviews. Besides this, they are also preparing economists namely Arthur Laffer Stephen Moore and Lawrence Kudlow who previously served as advisers to Trump's campaign.

Some of the top most communication staff were present at the meeting that included the director of White House communications Hope Hicks, counselor Kellyanne Conway, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Cliff Sims who is a messaging strategist. The administration of Trump has planned for a full force sales campaign even though the congressional Republicans have not yet decided the key components of the plan that includes a tax slab for individuals, a corporate tax rate, what popular advantages of tax will be eliminated or even whether the changes will be a temporary one or a permanent one. It is still not clear and uncertain when all the required additional details will come forward.

January 16, 2022 - 17:23
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