Trump Sends 70 Point Immigration Plan to Congress

To solve the growing problem of illegal immigrants, the White House had sent a 70 point plan to Congress this Sunday. According to the reports, the plan includes stiff reforms by the administration and a massive rewrite of the existing law to remove the loopholes that many illegal immigrants have been using in the past to get a foothold in the US.

After being seen by the Washington Times, it was revealed that the plan also includes a plan to build a border wall, assigning more deportation agents, cracking down on sanctuary cities and also putting more strict rules for chain migration. The White House believes that all of these points need to be included in the bill that Congress passes if the illegal immigrant bill 'Dreamers' need to be passed that is currently protected by deportation under the amnesty DACA created during the Obama-era.

The new plan also provides more power to federal agents at the border to deny illegal immigrants entry into the nation, arrest them and hold them if they are spotted inside the country. Even the deportation process will be much easier, and the agents will be given more legal power. In total, the list has 27 suggestions for border security, 39 improvements to law enforcement inside the country and 4 changes to the legal immigration system.

The new plan has been build with suggestions and inputs from the Justice, State and the Labor Departments. All the three crucial departments of Homeland Security were asked about the different tools that they would need to stop the problem of illegal immigrants in the country. The White mentioned that their primary goal was to end all the loopholes that the illegal immigrants have been exploiting so far. Some of them include; that many illegal immigrants have been using lax asylum standards to get protection. This measure would be made stricter. Unaccompanied Alien Children or UAC would actually need to prove that they do not have parents and want to enter the country after abuse in their country. Visitors coming to the US legally but overstaying their visas will have to face a more substantial penalty than before.

The list also includes the canceling of the annual visa lottery and will also force all businesses to use E-Verify when hiring new employees. But, not many will be happy with the list as immigrant-rights believers think that President Trump has given to its administration, especially his senior adviser Stephen Miller.

January 16, 2022 - 02:56
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