Trump accepts meeting with Kim

The President of the United States has finally accepted the offer of a meeting by the dictator of North Korea Kim Jong-Un. This is per confirmed reports given by the White House. Chung Eui Yong who is the national security adviser of the nation of South Korea first announced this face to face meeting and claimed that this meeting is most likely going to be held in the month of May. On the other hand, a statement from the White House did not confirm anything about the time frame of two months and stated that both the time & the place of the meeting are yet to be finalized. Sarah Sanders who is the Press Secretary of the White House mentioned in a statement after a half an hour of the announcement by South Korea that the president of the United States Donald Trump greatly appreciated the nice words of the delegation of South Korea and also President Moon. She also stated that Donald Trump would be accepting the invitation for a meeting with Kim Jong Un at a place and time which is still not confirmed.

Sarah Sanders mentioned that they are looking forward to the denuclearization of the nation of North Korea. In the meantime, all of the sanctions and maximum pressure must remain the same. Chung Eui Yong who had first made the announcement of the meeting on behalf of South Korea led the delegation while visiting North Korea previously this week. The invitation of a meeting with the president of the United States was first made to Chung directly by Kim. The foreign official mentioned that Kim understood and finally accepted the fact that the joint military exercises of the United States and South Korea will be continuing. Kim also promised to put an end to the ballistic and nuclear tests till the meeting with Donald Trump is done.

On Thursday evening, Donald Trump popped into the press briefing room of the White House and told a small group of reporters who were present at that point of time that an announcement would be coming that evening. An official of the United States later mentioned that the meeting of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un would be taking place within a time frame of two months but that did not commit the President of the United States to a face to face meeting with Kim Jong Un.

January 16, 2022 - 04:02
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