Trump and Schumer tit for tat

On Tuesday night, the president of the United States fired back at Chuck Schumer who is the Senate Minority Leader for offering a nullifying deal for supporting the funding of the border wall in return for an immigration package which protects all immigrants who are illegal but brought to the United States as children. The president of the US mentioned in a tweet that Chuck Schumer completely understands the fact that after his humiliating defeat that if there is no wall there will be no Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program as well. Donald Trump also mentioned that there must be safety and security along with a strong military for the great people of the United States. Earlier before the tweet from the US president, Hogan Gidley who is the White House Deputy Press Secretary also slammed Chuck Schumer during an appearance on Fox News. He also referred to Schumer as saying that his plan is a phony one and the promises are absolutely fake.

On Tuesday, a supporter of Schumer told Fox News that Schumer had already withdrew his offer for the boost in the funding of the proposed border wall by the president. The decision was initially made during the time of negotiations over the government spending bill with President Donald Trump last Friday. The office of Schumer said that he had pulled the wall offer on Sunday. But Gidley mentioned that they did not take the offer seriously at all, saying that the Democrats have offered less than about one-tenth of what was required to secure the border in his negotiation which was referred to as a bogus one. The administration of Donald Trump wants about 18 billion dollars for a border wall. He also said that he cannot rescind money that he never really offered in the beginning.

After a government shutdown of three days, the Democrats have finally agreed to re-open the government on Monday after assurance came from the Republicans that the Senate would consider legislation which would be protecting the immigrants who have been brought to the United States when they were young. During the press meeting at the White House on Tuesday, Sarah Sanders who is the Press Secretary of White House stated that the president is strictly against an immigration proposal brokered by Republican Senators Jeff Flake of Arizona & Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Democratic Senators Dick Durbin of Illinois.

January 16, 2022 - 19:18
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