Trump backs Roy Moore

On Monday, the President of the United States Donald Trump gave his full backing to Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore by telling voters that we need him to tackle illegal immigration, tax reform and a number of other things which is Trump's strongest statement yet in support of the embattled candidate. With just a single week left before the voters move forward to the polls next Tuesday, the US president mentioned in a tweet that we need Moore, slamming his Democratic counterpart Doug Jones and referring to him as a 'puppet' for congressional Democratic leaders.

The refusal of the Democrats to give even one vote for massive cuts in the rate of taxes is the reason why we need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama. This is what Donald Trump had mentioned in the tweet. Trump also said that we need his vote on stopping crime, illegal immigration, the Border Wall, Military, Pro Life, the VA, Judges, 2nd Amendment rights and a lot of others as well. He also said a strict no for Jones and referred to him as a puppet.

Until now, Donald Trump has kept a certain distance from Moore while he made it clear that he opposes Jones and refraining from condemning Moore in the same way some Senate Republicans have. Those GOP lawmakers have sought to boycott Moore over explosive allegations he initiated sexual contact with teenage women decades ago, when he was an assistant district attorney when he was thirty. One of the women, Leigh Coffman, alleged Moore had sexual contact with her when she was just 14 but the age of consent in Alabama is 16.

The Republican candidate Roy Moore has constantly denied allegations of sexual misconduct from the beginning and he said that those were simply based on lies. At the time when Moore has repeatedly denied the allegations, Trump has been relatively mum on the allegations that were brought against Moore, with White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders saying it is a decision for Alabama voters.

Trump ramped up his defense of Moore during a session with reporters in the previous month. When Trump was on his way to Marine One, he said that Roy Moore has said that he did not do it. The apparent endorsement of Trump for Moore on Monday morning seems to be driven by legislative items and his desire to keep the majority in the Senate. Just a few minutes after Trump's tweet in support of Moore, he elaborated on the threat Jones would pose to the GOP agenda.

January 16, 2022 - 18:28
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