Trump is Planning an Aggressive Iran Strategy

The president of the United States, Donald Trump is thinking of considering a strategy that would be more effective which will allow more aggressive responses from the United States to the forces of Iran. Donald Trump is thinking of giving a sterner reply to the Muslim forces in Syria and Iraq. This particular was prepared by the Secretary of Defense Jim Martis, the secretary of state Rex Tillerson, the national security adviser H.R. McMaster and several other top officials. According to the sources, after the preparation of the proposal, it was presented to Donald Trump at a meeting of the National Security Council on Friday. The proposal could be agreed upon and declared before the public before the end of this month as per the two of the sources. All of the sources are quite familiar with this particular proposal and they all have requested not to be named because of the fact that the president of the United States, Donald Trump is yet to have a confirmed decision on the proposal.

In contrast to the detailed instructions as handed down by the previous president of the United States, Barack Obama and some of his predecessors, the present president Donald Trump is expected to set on some of the broad strategic objectives and other goals for the policy of the United States but leave it in the hands of the military commanders, diplomats and other officials of the United States for the implementation of the plan. This statement is as per one of the senior administration officials. The senior official also mentioned that whatever the end result might be, the implementation of the plan with the allies would be up to the greatest extent that is possible.

The main intention of the plan is to increase the pressure on Tehran for the curbing of its ballistic missile programs and its support for the militants. Another senior official from the administration stated that this is actually a broad strategy for the range of malign activities, financial materials, support for terror and destabilization the region especially in the regions of Iran, Yemen and Syria. The proposal is also aimed at targeting cyber intelligence and a number of other activities that includes potentially dangerous & threatening nuclear proliferation. The administration is still not hundred percent sure and are still debating on the fact of a new stance on the 2015 agreement that was sealed by the previous president, Barack Obama for the curbing of the nuclear programs of Iran. The current draft urges for a tougher economic situation in the case of Iran violating the agreement of 2015.

January 16, 2022 - 03:17
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