Trump responds to new FBI informant reports

On Saturday, the president of the United States, Donald Trump appeared to give a response to the fresh reports that an informant of the Federal Bureau of Investigation had reached out to several campaign aides during the time of the presidential campaign in the year 2016. The president of the US mentioned on Twitter that if the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Department of Justice was invading a campaign for the purpose of benefiting another campaign, it would really be a very big deal. On Friday night, the New York Times reported that an unnamed informant of the FBI had a talk with two of the advisers of the campaign who were supposed to have suspicious contacts with the individuals linked to the nation of Russia.

The New York Times did not name the informant of the FBI but described the person to be an American academic who teaches in Britain and who had made contact with Carter Page and George Papadopoulos who were the foreign policy advisers of Donald Trump. The supposed name of the informant of the FBI has been published by conservative media outlets which had circulated widely on Twitter. Earlier on Friday, Donald Trump had mentioned in a Tweet by which he apparently responded to the conservative reports of the media that the reports which were there from among at least one of the representative of the Federal Bureau of Investigation had been planted for political purposes into his campaign as the president. He also mentioned that it took place very early and long before the hoax call from the nation of Russia became one of the hottest fake stories. If it was true, it would be the biggest political scandal.

The response given by US president, Donald Trump on Saturday shifted from alleging a source of the FBI being planted in the campaign for the purpose of suggesting that that campaign was penetrated. Trump mentioned that any of such actions by the FBI was politically motivated but there was no such indication that the case was as such. The president of the United States also added that the truth about the alleged informant of the FBI could only be brought to light with the review of the documents that the House Intelligence Committee is actually asking for. The Congressional Republicans have started an intense fight with the Justice Department over the fact of accessing the highly sensitive and classified information about the investigation into the Trump campaign.

January 16, 2022 - 19:00
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