Trump rolling back Obama efforts on racial bias

The former president of the United States, Barack Obama tried to expand the way of measuring and addressing racial discrimination by holding the governments and corporations responsible for even the unintended bias in a bid for the purpose of reversing persistent racial inequality. At present, the administration of the US president Donald Trump is rolling back these efforts. On Tuesday, the House passed a bill for the repeal of a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau policy which targets discrimination in auto lending and the US president is expected to sign it. In addition to this, on Tuesday, the civil rights group sued the department of Housing and Urban Development because of delaying a rule in the time of the administration of Barack Obama which requires the government to address racial discrimination in a more proactive manner to qualify for federal housing funds.

On the other hand, the treasury department is recommending the reconsideration of the department of Housing and Urban Development per a rule made in the year 2013 which relies on a legal theory known as the desperate impact, the idea that the governments and businesses can be held responsible for practices that affect minorities in a disproportionate way even if there was no intended initiation of discrimination. All of these actions together add up to an effort for stopping the use of government to change the patterns that help in the promotion of housing discrimination and poverty like more extensive lending for people who reside in the predominantly minority neighborhoods.

Moreover, the advocates who spent a number of years at the time of the administration of Barack Obama for the purpose of pushing for a more expansive use of anti-discrimination laws even taking the issue to the Supreme Court are filled with horror or shock. Solomon Greene who is a senior fellow at the Urban Institute and had worked on the fair housing rule while at the department of housing and urban development during the time of the previous president of the United States, Barack Obama. He stated that the public policy basically gives rise to many of the disputes and it is required to have some affirmative policies for the purpose of unwinding them. The opponents of using a different impact are of the viewpoint that it puts businesses on the hook for outcomes that have nothing to do with discrimination at all.

January 16, 2022 - 04:02
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