Trump slams FBI, DOJ leadership ahead of expected GOP memo release

The president of the United States Donald Trump slammed the top leadership of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice. Trump accused them of having involvement in politics in the clean and pure process of investigation as he is expected to put forward his consent for the release of disputable Republican memo which may accuse the Department of Justice of political bias in the process of the investigation. In a tweet early in the morning, US President, Donald Trump said that top leadership, the investigators of the of Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice had inserted political biasness in the process of investigation which is considered to be perfectly neat and transparent one. He also mentioned that the biasness of the investigation went in favor of the Democrats and against the Republicans which could not even be thought of just before a short span of time earlier.

A day after the union that represented the agents of the FBI issued a strong statement in favor of Christopher Wray; Donald Trump added that the Rank and the File are great people. On Thursday, the statement read that the director of the FBI Christopher Wray was appreciated by the FBI Agents Association of standing beside at all the times with the men and the women of the FBI as they all work together as a team for protecting the nation from all kinds of criminal threats and national security threats as well. On the other hand, the FBI declined to pass any comment on the tweet that came early morning from the president of the United States.

Some inner sources told ABC News that Donald Trump who had previously given his support for the publication of the memo now went through all of the four pages of the document on Wednesday. It is very much expected that the White House will be informing the committee today that the process of reviewing is completed and that the administration has given its consent for releasing the memo. On Wednesday, John Kelly, who is the Chief of Staff of the White House had a meeting with five of the officials of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for reviewing the memo before it could be finally released. According to what the sources told ABC News, the memo actually accuses the Department of Justice of inappropriate acting when it was seeking a surveillance warrant in the month of October 2016 for a previous campaign adviser of Donald Trump who was suspected of being an agent from the Russian nation.

January 16, 2022 - 03:16
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