Trump threatens Assad and Putin over chemical attack in Syria

On Sunday, the president of the United States Donald Trump responded to the reports of a suspected chemical attack in Douma which is a city of Syria. The US president blamed the president of Syria Bashar Assad and all his international allies for the apparent attack that left a number of people dead and hundreds of people injured. Donald Trump also made some of the most critical comments that were directed at the president of Russia Vladimir Putin where he threatened that a big price needs to be paid by the ones who are backing the Assad regime. On Sunday, opposition activists of Syria and the rescuers said that a poison gas attack on the town of Douma which is near Damascus, that is the capital city of Syria killed about forty people. This particular attack has been denied by both governments, Russia and Syria. Russia is actually the closest ally of Syria and has a major military presence in the country.

Reports of the latest attack that took place and which appeared to target civilians & young children could not actually be verified independently. After the apparent chemical attack by the Syrian regime, the Pentagon said that the US is not conducting any airstrikes. Donald Trump called out to Vladimir Putin along with the leadership in the nation of Iran for backing Assad who was referred to as Animal Assad by him. Trump also ordered missile strikes on an airbase in the nation of Syria in response to another of the chemical attack in the year 2017.

The first responders said that they had found families who were simply suffocated in their homes with foam coming out of their mouth. The Civil Defense who were linked with the opposition were able to document about 42 fatalities but were prevented from making a further search about the strong odors which gave the rescuers difficulty in breathing. This is according to Siraj Mahmoud who is a spokesman for the group that is known by the name of White Helmets. The United Nations has decided to hold meetings regarding the chemical attack in the nation of Syria.

January 16, 2022 - 19:05
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