Trump to chair National Security Council meeting on election security

Two White House Officials said that US president Donald Trump is all set to chair a complete meeting of the National Security Council on Friday for a discussion regarding election security. The two officials also added that John Bolton who is the National security adviser is also hosting two NSC principals' committee meetings that are of the Cabinet level in this week. One meeting is scheduled for Thursday which is focused on Iran and the second meeting is scheduled on Friday which is focused on North Korea. John Bolton has faced a lot of criticism from some of the administration officials of US president Donald Trump for holding a few high-level NSC meetings. The meeting on election security is set to come almost after a week when Donald Trump appeared to raise doubts regarding the assessment of the intelligence community that the nation of Russia was continuing to target the United States. Trump later said that he completely believes the statements given by his administration on the issue.

Intelligence officials of the United States believe that Russia will certainly try their hand in interfering with the elections of the mid-term in this year and at the same time echoing their efforts for the disruption of the presidential election of the year 2016 in a bid to boost Trump. Dan Coats who is the director of National Intelligence mentioned in the previous week after US president Donald Trump seemed to take the side of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin on the same matter at the time of a press conference in Helsinki that they have been extremely clear in their assessment of the meddling done by the nation of Russia in the presidential election of the year 2016 and also their ongoing extensive efforts for the purpose of undermining their Democracy. He also added that they will continue to provide unfinished and objective intelligence as support to national security.

Jim Condos who is the Vermont Secretary of State and the president of the National Association of Secretaries of State said on C-SPAN in the previous week that the US president and the administration have to take a leadership role in this. He added that it is very unfortunate that the person at the top had not been supportive and he has sent unclear messages which makes it extremely difficult on secretaries like him.

January 16, 2022 - 03:31
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