Trump wades deeper into bio fuel debate

On Thursday, the president of the United States will be picking up a lot of rivals from oil and corn industries for the second time this week as the administration seeks a very difficult ground which is common on the terms of reforms to the controversial law of bio fuel of the nation of the United States. The meetings were held among situations of increasing concerns over the present state of Renewable Fuel Standards of the United States which is actually a law that requires refiners to mix the bio fuels like corn-based ethanol into their fuel and this has divided the two most important constituencies of Donald Trump. Philadelphia Energy Solutions which is a refining company in the key electoral state of Pennsylvania has completely blamed the regulation in the last month as a reason for its bankruptcy.

Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst of the corn state, Iowa along with Pat Toomey and Ted Cruz of refining states Texas and Pennsylvania who are all Republican senators will be in attendance on Thursday and this particular report is per the two sources who are quite familiar with the overall planning of the event. There are also a number of companies who will be represented. Sources have also said that some of the executives from refiners Delta Air Lines' Monroe Energy, Valero Energy Corporation and PBF Energy Inc will be present in the event along with a union representative from Philadelphia Energy Solutions which is presently bankrupt. The sources added that the bio fuel industry will be represented by officials from major producers POET and Green Plains Inc along with a number of others as well.

The sources also mentioned that the president of the United States, Donald Trump will be joined by Scott Pruitt who is the head of the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States and Ryan Zinke who is the Interior Secretary. They all will be sitting in for Sonny Perdue who is the Agriculture Secretary of the United States as he will be attending events in California, the office of Cruz and POET have already confirmed their attendance. The representatives of the other parties which include the White House as well have either declined to comment or simply did not respond at all. The previous meeting which was held earlier in the week was small which ended with Ernst and Grassley calling the efforts of the White House efforts for helping the refiners in coping with the regulation which is actually a threat to farmers and vowing to fight proposed changes.

January 16, 2022 - 19:06
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