Trump's allies are suffering from legal fees in Russia probe

The probes of Russian election interfering are confusing Washington that is presently ongoing are actually releasing new legal actions and increasingly emptying the pockets of the people who are involved in them. Becoming entrapped in a federal investigation into the links between the president of the United States, Donald Trump's presidential campaign and the Kremlin can actually give rise to a serious threat in financial terms for the ones who are involved at any level. Michael Caputo who was the previous campaign advisor of Donald Trump described in an interview with CNBC that the financial strain of being a witness in the investigation of the House Intelligence Committee. Caputo also stated in an interview over the phone that if anybody does not want to go into a congressional interview, then you should be carrying a toothbrush because they need to be there for quite some time.

The legal fees of Caputo were cheaper in his home state of New York as compared to the fees in the state of Washington but still, Caputo paid about 25,000 dollars per hearing. A huge part of the fees is utilized for the production of all the documents that are required for the investigators. For Caputo who had been known to have communicated with some of the central figures in the federal probes for quite a long time and it is basically a huge task. Caputo mentioned that if he has about 800 emails where he mentioned Trump and Russia in the same email, figuring out the ones which are of interest for the investigators is above his grade of payment for sifting through it all alone.

Caputo also stated that he first retained lawyers in March of the previous year after he was named by Republican Jackie Speier in a testimony to Congress as being the image consultant of the president of Russia's Vladimir Putin. Since that time, he has filed an ethics complaint against Speier who he referred to as a lair. The office of Speier did not immediately respond the request for comment by CNBC. Caputo has only been questioned by the House Committee as a witness which means that he is not suspected of committing any crimes. He has just been tapped to testify in front of the investigators present in the Senate and he also said that he expects to be called before the team of special counselor Robert Muller in the future.

January 16, 2022 - 18:49
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