US Weighs Warship Passage through Taiwan Strait

Some officials of the United States say that the nation is considering sending a warship through the Taiwan Strait. This particular move could result in provoking a very sharp reaction from the Chinese nation at a point of time when Sino-US ties are under a great deal of pressure arising from the disputes over trade and the nuclear crisis of North Korea. US warship passage, if it happens, then it could be seen as a sign of fresh support by the President of the United States Donald Trump in Taiwan after a series of military drills by the nation of China around the island which is self-ruled. Meanwhile the nation of China claims Taiwan is part of its own territory.

US officials told Reuters that the United States had already tested plans for an aircraft carrier passage once in this year but eventually did not pursue it because of the concerns regarding upsetting the Chinese nation. The previous time when the United States sent an aircraft carrier through the Taiwan Strait was back in 2007 during the time when George W Bush was the President of the United States, there are a number of US officials with the viewpoint that a carrier transit is overdue. One more option which is a less provocative one would be restarting the periodic yet infrequent passages of other US Navy Ships through the Taiwan Strait and the last ship was sent in the previous year in the month of July.

The Pentagon declined to make a comment on potential or future operations and it was not sure as to how soon a passage might be taking place. Hua Chunying who is the spokeswoman of the Foreign Ministry of the nation of China while speaking in Beijing urged the United States for prudently handling the Taiwan issue as a measure to avoid harming the bilateral ties and peace & stability in the region of the Taiwan Strait. She stated in a daily news briefing that the Chinese nation has repeatedly stressed the fact that the issue of Taiwan is one of the most important ones and at the same time it is one of the most sensitive issues in the relationship of US and China.

December 08, 2021 - 04:59
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