US budget deal sets up wider fight over deficits, immigration

The budget deal that was passed by the lawmakers of the United States early on Friday will result in the diminishing of the spending fights which marked in president Donald Trump's first year in office. But this has given rise to a situation which will result in the spreading of the battle over immigration and who is to take the blame for these exploding deficits just ahead of the congressional elections which is scheduled to be held in the month of November. If considered in the short term, this will help in the reduction of the risk of a government shutdown which in turn will be able to help US president Donald Trump and the Republicans by conveying of a greater amount of stability.

On the other hand, the Democrats are simply gearing up for using the increasing deficits in the budget under the administration of Donald Trump which the Democrats see as very harsh and severe policies for hammering down the Republicans in the midterm elections when they will be seeking to take back the control of Congress. The agreement for a two-year duration further drives the wedge even deeper between the Republican congressional establishment which wishes to administer Washington in a perfect and orderly manner which rails against the spending bills for protesting against both the size and the reach of the federal government. On Friday, a pre-drawn vote for the approval of huge new spending and for putting a stop on the five and a half hour shutdown of the government brought forward a huge number of conservatives in the House of Representatives who revolted against their leadership which could actually prove to be a sign of turmoil in the Republican party in the election of this year.

Senator Rand Paul who is a Tea Party Republican forced the brief shutdown by the use of the procedural rules for the prevention of passage of the budget deal before the deadline of midnight of Thursday. On the other hand, the conservatives like those in far-right House Freedom Caucus put their consent for the embracing of a tax overhaul in the previous year which will result in the expansion of the debt of the nation and they strongly opposed the domestic spending rises that the budget deal allows. On Thursday, House Representative Mark Walker mentioned that a part of their job is to ensure that they keep pounding that Republicans halt for fiscal responsibility.

January 16, 2022 - 04:03
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