US considers tightening grip on China ties to Corporate America

The government of the United States may begin a thorough inspection of the informal partnerships between the companies of America and China in the field of artificial intelligence threatening practices that have been considered garden variety development work for technology companies for a long period of time. This is per the reports of some of sources who are familiar with the discussions. Till now the government of the United States has reviewed for the security of the nation and all other concerns have been limited to investment deals and corporate takeovers. This possible fresh expansion of the mandate which would be playing the role of a stop gap measure till the time Congress imposes tighter restrictions on Chinese investments is actually being pushed by the members of Congress and the ones in the administration of the US President Donald Trump who are only worrying about the theft of intellectual property and transfer of technology to the nation of China. This is according to the reports of four persons who are quite familiar with the overall matter.

Sources familiar with the matter stated that artificial intelligence in which the machines actually imitate intelligent human behavior is a particular area of interest because of the potential of technology for military usage. They also added that the other areas of interest for such fresh oversight include autonomous vehicles and semiconductors. All of these considerations are in their beginning stage and therefore it is not at all clear about their forward movement and which the informal corporate relationships which the fresh initiatives would be checking thoroughly.

Any broad effort to put an end to the relationships between the tech companies of China and the United States even on a temporary basis could result in some of the most dramatic effects across the tech industry. The major technology companies of the United States which includes Qualcomm Inc, Nvidia Corp, IBM and Advanced Micro Devices Inc have their activities in the nation of China that ranges from research laboratories to training initiatives which are often in collaboration with the companies of China and the institutions who are basically the major customers. Some of the top talents in the areas which include chip design and artificial intelligence also flows in a free manner among the universities and companies in both of the nations of China & America.

January 16, 2022 - 18:12
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