US to 'carefully' review GM request on autonomous car

General Motors has submitted a request to the government of the United States for the testing of an autonomous car which will not have a steering wheel. This request is to be carefully and responsibly reviewed. On Sunday, Elaine Chao who is the Transportation Secretary of the United States said that this particular request from General Motors would be reviewed in detail by the authorized regulators so that there is no compromise to the safety of anyone inside the car. Chao also mentioned on the side lines of the Detroit Auto Show that it is being brought to light with the speedy advancement of technology of self-driving this particular request is on the verge of being transformed into reality.

Elaine Chao clearly stated that this particular petition from General Motors will be both responsibly and carefully reviewed before finally coming to a conclusion. On Friday, General Motors brought to light the Cruise AV which is actually an autonomous vehicle without any kind of steering wheel or pedals for controlling the vessel. Later General Motors announced that it had asked the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for exempting it from a number of federal standards which cannot be met with a car that is driverless. The executives of General Motors have clearly mentioned that they had planned for the introduction a large-scale fleet of taxis by the year 2019 that are self-driving in nature. This particular timeframe given by General Motors is considered to be extremely ambitious by some of the analysts.

General Motors even released some images of the Cruise AV and also a video of the interior of the self-driving vehicle with a notably spacious windshield which is devoid of a steering wheel. On Saturday, the president of General Motors Dan Ammann told AFP on the side lines of a General Motors' event that it would be an extremely striking image when people get to see it for the first time. Ammann also added that he thinks that common people will definitely want themselves to be engaged with this advancement in technology. He also said that people will understand it and ultimately experience it. He mentioned that the most powerful thing about technology is that the increased safety on the road that it can really offer and once people get to know about it they will definitely want to see it and finally adopt it.

January 16, 2022 - 17:43
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