Vehicles are the Most Affected by Harvey In Houston

The recent hurricane, Harvey has seriously damaged Houston in almost each and every aspect. But to a great surprise, it has been found that vehicles are one of the major victims of hurricane Harvey. For example, we can consider the family of Katrina Chadbourne, which each and every vehicle has been eaten by the floods caused by the hurricane. The truck, Lexus, Harley and even a pair of water scooters owned by the family has been lost in the floods. All modes of trying to save the vehicles by the family have gone in vain. Even car dealers in the worst hit areas have lost about seven hundred vehicles to the dark and gloomy water of the floods.

Hurricane Harvey has created history in being the most destructive event particularly for cars in Houston. This finding is just based on the early estimates where the waters of the floods have destroyed several hundred vehicles on which the city is solely depended upon for the purpose of transportation. This immense loss of vehicles has created a severe impact on residents which is not allowing a huge number of people to return back to their normal work. People are in search of vehicles on an immediate basis which in turn is leaving automobile dealers to face huge losses who are in a race to fill up their stock of vehicles in these times of abnormally high demand.

500,000 is the number of vehicles that is estimated to have been lost in hurricane Harvey in the Houston area. Mitchell Dale, an automotive dealer stated that his own stock of automobiles, the total worth of which is about 28 million dollars almost all of which is just ruined due to the waters of the flood. He even mentioned that the uninsured loss is expected to be about 1 to 1.5 million dollars.

Harvey has overruled hurricanes Katrina and Sandy in terms of the financial toll. As per the estimates, hurricane Katrina damaged about 250,000 vehicles and hurricane Sandy had damaged about 200,000 vehicles. On the other hand, hurricane Harvey being a more brutal one is estimated to have damaged about 300,000 to 500,000 vehicles whose monetary value is expected to be about 2.7 billion dollars to 4.9 billion dollars. Hence, it is very well proved that how severely the hurricane has affected vehicles in the Houston area.

January 16, 2022 - 03:37
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