Venezuela's Maduro faces overseas condemnation

On Monday, Nicholas Maduro who is the socialist president of the nation of Venezuela faced criticism at an international level. This happened after his re-election in a vote where his opposition criticized him as an absurd man who cemented his autocracy in the oil-producing nation that was in complete crisis. Nicholas Maduro who is 55 years of age showered his win in the election that took place on Sunday as a victory against imperialism but his major rival declared irregularities refused to agree with the result of the vote on Sunday. The mainstream opposition of the nation of Venezuela withdrew from the election because two of their most popular leaders were prevented from contesting in the election; the authorities had banned the coalition and various other parties from using their names. Moreover, the election board is run by the loyalists of Nicholas Maduro where the turnout was about fifty percent.

There were more than about a thousand supporters of the president of Venezuela Nicholas Maduro who were seen wearing red berets. They hugged each and danced outside the Miraflores presidential palace and showered small pieces of paper of the colors of the flag of the nation of Venezuela that is yellow, red and blue. A victorious Maduro was seen to be addressing the crowd where he said that the revolution will be staying and he also promised to give a special importance to the economic recovery after a recession period of five years in the OPEC nation with a population of about thirty million people.

All the supporters of Maduro chanted the name of the president and were very excited. The chanting went on for a long period of time which proved the happiness of his supporters. Ingrid Sequera who is 51 years of age and a supporter of the government stated that we should not cave to any empire or go running to the International Monetary Fund which was done by the nation of Argentina. She stated that the opposition should not interfere in our administration and should leave us alone to do the governing work. She was seen wearing a T-shirt bearing a logo that featured the eyes of late Hugo Chavez who is the socialist predecessor of Nicholas Maduro. The senior officials of the state departments of the United States referred to Sunday's vote as a bogus one and repeated the threats for imposing sanctions on Venezuela.

January 16, 2022 - 17:29
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