Victims' Father Tries to Attack ex-USA Gymnastics Doctor

The father of three daughters was furious and tried to attack Larry Nassar after the three of them were sexually abused by him who was previously the doctor of the national team of gymnastics of the United States. This particular incident took place on Friday at the time of the sentencing hearing in the courtroom in Michigan. The guards in the courtroom pinned the father of the three girls before he was able to attack Larry Nassar. This scene of chaos started after the two sisters Lauren Margraves and Madison Margraves completed reading their victim statements on the second day of hearings in the courtroom of Eaton County. Randall Margraves who is the father of Lauren and Madison stood by his daughters and wife and was asked to speak.

Randall told the court to grant him five minutes in a closed room with Larry Nassar gesturing towards him. Moreover, Larry has been previously sentenced up to a huge 175 years of imprisonment at one of the previous hearings after he pleaded guilty for molesting and sexually abusing a number of young women under the conceal of giving them medical treatment. Justice Janice Cunningham told Randall that he very well knew that the permission could not be granted at any cost and Janice also rebuked Randall for cursing at Larry Nassar along with calling him the son of a bitch. When Randall asked for a minute alone with Larry, Justice Janice raised objection which made a number of people in the courtroom not control their laughter and uncontrollably laughed at this.

By saying this, Randall simply jumped towards Larry Nassar who was then seated nearby wearing an orange colored jump suit. At this moment, Randall was grabbed by the guards in the courtroom and was put in handcuffs and Larry Nassar was taken out of the courtroom to safety. At the happening of this particular incident, the court room was filled with shouts, cries and gasps. After Randall was pulled down by the guards, he told the guards to imagine what they would have done if the same thing happened to them. Angela Povilaitis, who was the lead prosecutor looked completely distressed and turned towards the victims and their relatives present in the courtroom while trying her best to restore calmness in the court room. She told Randall, that his frustration is obvious but it cannot be done in the courtroom.

January 16, 2022 - 02:32
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