With Congress set to Return, Future of Obamacare Uncertain

The return of US Congress on Tuesday, Obamacare will not be the hot topic for discussion, but the support of Obamacare could have an ill effect on the other issues that loom. One of the main issues is the federal funding that will flow to the particular insurance program for the expected mothers and the children. This program needs to be reauthorized by a vote from congress by the last day of this month failing to would result in the insurance program running out of monetary funds.

The next issue is the stabilization of the overall market of individual insurance under a specific act called the 2010 Affordable Care Act during the former president of the US, Barrack Obama's signature domestic achievement. But in the administration of the current president of the US, Donald Trump has eroded the base of this act which has resulted in the insurers doubling premiums.

The current president of the US Donald Trump and the Republicans were trying to oppose Obamacare for the past six months and replace it while the followers of Democrats are continuously opposing it. This effort to erode Obamacare by the Republican Party has resulted in deep divisions within the party which eventually ended with a failure in the Senate Vote in July damaging the law.

The reauthorization of this insurance program for pregnant women and children is not a controversial one, but both of the parties are opposing the policies of each other. Thus, it is very correctly said that any kind of effort in this healthcare sector in Congress would result in a conflict between the two parties. As a result of this, anything that is done in this particular field would result in a controversy which will serve as a background for the deliberations of Congress that would include all hearings that are already scheduled to happen on Wednesday and Thursday.

In a number or tweets, the current president of US Donald Trump has rebuked several legislators because they have not been able to keep their promise of eliminating Obamacare out of the way. If this continues like this, then the relationship between Trump and other fellow Republicans would further worsen to a great extent.

Donald Trump's administration has taken a number of moves to simply undercut Obamacare. One of which is cutting the budget for advertisement by a huge ninety percent and is making it mandatory to buy insurance or pay the penalty.

January 16, 2022 - 17:33
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