Youngest Austrian in Election Victory

Sebastian Kurz from Austria became the youngest political leader of Europe on Sunday potentially in coalition with the far right after its best result in a time span of almost 20 years. Sebastian is referred to as Austria's political whizz kid. The conservative People's Party which is the party of Sebastian Kurz won 31.7 percent of the vote which was followed by 26.9 percent which was won by the Chancellor Christian Kern's Social Democrats. Close behind was the nationalist Freedom Party at 26 percent which was twice of that of their allies the Alternative for Germany in the previous month and very close to the all - time record of 26.8 percent in the year 1999 under the leadership of Joerg Haider.

Kurz, who is only 31 years of age took over the conservative People's Party in May and managed to attract supporters in huge amounts by depicting himself as a breath of fresh air talking though on immigration and vowing to slash the rate of taxes and red tape. Kurz mentioned in a statement on Sunday that he will be fighting to bring about great change in his country. He also stated that it is the time for the establishment of a completely new political style and a fresh culture in this country. At the same time, if Kurz wants to form a government, he will have to enter a coalition with one of the other political parties. In this situation, the most likely party that Kurz is to partner with is the populist Freedom Party of Heinz-Christian Strache who is 48 but this is just likeliness and is far from guaranteed. Kurz mentioned that they are waiting for the final result.

He also mentioned that if the President gives him the task of forming the government, he will have a formal discussion with all the parties. He said, he wanted a change and for this purpose he requires partners. Another option for Kurz in this situation would be a totally new coalition with the party of Social Democrats. But after ten acrimonious years of governing together which was ended by Kurz in May and this is the reason that this option is treated as a less likely option. Another very rare possibility will be the wealthy EU member of 8.75 million people is a tie up between the Freedom Party and the Social Democrats party whose campaign has suffered a string of mishaps. The leader of the Social Democrats party Kern mentioned on Sunday that we want to assume responsibility which can be in many different forms.

January 16, 2022 - 18:23
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